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How Gaming Industry Changed With The Entry Of Playstation

By Author: Console Repairing
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Nintendo was the undisputed king of the video game industry in the early nineties. SEGA is trying to compete with the NES and SNES home consoles with their main systems and Mega drives, although the latter is much better than the former, Nintendo is still firmly in the first place, once all sales are counted. With the development of SNES and Mega Drive comes to an end, SEGA began to use CDs instead of cartridges, and even released SEGA CD plug-ins for Mega Drive.

Nintendo has also entered CD technology on his behalf. They held talks with Sony, which is known for working with CDs and related hardware to help them create CD drives for the SNES. Sony spent time and money to learn about the gaming industry and create prototypes, but negotiations between the two Japanese companies broke down. Depending on who you ask, Nintendo has a secret agreement with another company that lets Sony find the Baroque agreement at the last minute, or Sony requires too much money for the Nintendo. Whichever was true, the result was still the same; Sony has been an ear-friendly guest on the SNES-CD. Although this deal has never been applied to anyone, it has become clear that the gaming industry is heading to the CD as an electoral milieu.

Sony has decided to use what they have learned and develop with Nintendo to build their own consoles and to enter Frey; They called it the PlayStation and drove the Nintendo's next major console to the market in 1994 about two years ago. What nobody ever expected was that Sony would finally launch, Nintendo as the world's most popular console maker and start twenty years of industry pressure.

Sony's success in the original PlayStation is one of the main reasons for their outstanding marketing of the console. Prior to the PlayStation, almost all game consoles were aimed at children. Sony has done a shrewd move specifically targeting young people in their marketing, making the PlayStation a player to grow into a Nintendo console, but now wants some more, good, and grow.

Sony would put the PlayStation in the nightclubs, and celebrity consoles would have photographed or approved the console. The games usually started drifting towards a more adult tone and were considered cooler than the new books Mario or Zelda, such as the Tomb Raider. As a result, Sony received a hobby that seemed to be generally for children and was publicly mocked by many people, and helped to transform it into a respectable place that we have seen today. Although it is silly to say that they are doing it for the kindness of their hearts - we do not lose sight of what they have done - hell made a lot of money through the acceptance of the game in the eyes of the people. Sony made the game cool.

When the next big Nintendo console, the N64, the company was surprised a lot of people announced that it would still use cassette tapes instead of CDs. The logic behind making decisions makes sense; CDs are more likely to be pirated than cartridges, and they fear that using CDs will cost a lot of money for copying games. Decided to stick with the cartridge and an additional two years development time Nintendo and N64 means that the system is more powerful than PlayStation, loading time is almost non-existent. Cartridges do have drawbacks, though - they make the game more expensive to produce and they are more difficult to develop, which means the N64 will work with storage, music quality and FMV.

Squaresoft worked with the long-running Nintendo and brought all of the previous Final Fantasy games to the Nintendo consoles. But knowing that they could see the extra storage space, CDs and knew that they could push the limits of their production values with better quality, cutting stakes, Square jumped out and decided in their "Final Fantasy" series for "PlayStation: Final Fantasy " to produce the next heading VII.

It is impossible to exaggerate how important Final Fantasy VII is. As an RPG, it introduced millions of gamers for its first Japanese role-playing game, and then began to filter out almost every other type of role-playing machine and popularity of genre. Today FIFA has RPG systems.

But the games that were as important as Final Fantasy VII were even more important for Sony. Final Fantasy has become a big event in Japan, and transition to PlayStation means Sony's home in the console console to increase its position for JRPG fans. In the years that followed, the PlayStation ran into the first JRPG market, and even today it is remembered as the golden age for style. What is even more surprising is how Final Fantasy VII made it out of Japan.

Final Fantasy VII turned into a phenomenon, while the Final Fantasy series was quite popular among players all over the world. Star commentaries, infectious words and a heavy marketing campaign make Final Fantasy VII a big hit, taking more space than just impressive sales figures. The players adopted the story of Cloud and Sephiroth and hunger for more, JRPG sales generally rose. Final Fantasy has become a first-rate brand, and the future bulletins of the series are what the players expect.

Final Fantasy VII also has impressive features - for the time being - Squaresoft's N64 game will not be able to do. The quality of the FMV series in Final Fantasy VII was one of the most important points of conversation surrounding the game, and the cinematic edge that Squaresoft brought to its head was something that other games still reproduced on this day.

Thanks to the PlayStation, Final Fantasy VII in large measure, it left a serious mark on the gaming industry and everything was better from there. Technically, the extra power of the N64 was rejected by the increased storage capacity of the discs used by PlayStation and the high music and video quality offered to developers. Titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Tomb Raider did not only work on the N64, but they all became big sales points for Sony's console. Moreover, Nintendo can not find answers to such games; Instead, it was sticking to tried and tested games like Mario and Zelda.

The quality of the Nintendo games is as high as ever, and their equipment has enabled them to hang around this time too. Nintendo has finally become number two for another company on the playing field, as Nintendo has noticed that Sony is afraid to be a reliable competitor or to see the CD's effect on the industry. The N64 sold 32 million units and the PlayStation sold more than 100 million units.

Taking inspiration from the late N64 controller with an analog stick, Sony drove the first Dual Shock controller to market and changed the way we played forever. Nintendo took a clever step in including an analog stick in the controller, since 3D games require a little more precision than the standard D-Pad can. But Sony got that idea and did something skillful with it. Because we left an analog stick to control the character of the player and an analog stick to control the camera, we were redesigned to play games. Microsoft and Nintendo have copied this approach since, and now the control scheme is acting so incompetent to play a 3D game before the dual analog time period.

Nostalgia can draw Nintendo as the leader of the console game; They were explorers of unknown lands. But Sony was a company that used what it discovered to make the gaming industry today. PlayStation has been a first-class brand in video games for a longer time than Nintendo.

The reason for this is the success of the original PlayStation console. The first steps into the 3D game may have been strange, but after the bases have been thrown, the console game has been changed forever. The PlayStation has helped establish a clever combination of marketing, championing a few master merchants who will change the perceptions of the industry and turn into some of the world's greatest.

Today, the original PlayStation is remembered as a console that causes many people to play games. Despite the fact that Final Fantasy VII was the first RPG, Metal Gear Solid the action movie they played, or Silent Hill scared of their pants, the PlayStation was a very important event in the video game history and is an incredible gaming library.

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